Family Focused Interventions

When we have a loved one in need, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped. At SquareOne, our focus is to focus on the problem as a whole and treat the root causes of addiction.


The Family

Our first step in any intervention is to meet with the family. We talk about issues that have brought them to this point, and create a service plan for the intervention itself. Using evidence-based therapy methods, we are able to tailor each intervention to the issues at hand.


The Individuals

Understanding that every individual in the family is effected by this situation, we meet with each client following the family meeting including the individual receiving the intervention. We provide a complete assessment, and create a recommended service plan for each person. This allows us to treat all issues at hand, and help the healing process begin.


The Intervention

The family focused intervention model provides a safe environment that fosters change and growth. This allows the family to operate as a whole unit with a common goal. We stay focused on the struggling individual promote the need for change, and lead the way to their road to recovery.