Drug & Alcohol Assessments

There are many reasons why individuals may need a drug and alcohol assessment. Are you questioning your relationship with drugs and alcohol? Has your employer requested you receive one? Is your family concerned about your use? These are all issues that we are able to address at the time of your appointment. We then create an individualized service plan depending on the need. We provide outpatient treatment services, but also work with many inpatient treatment facilities that we are able to connect clients with. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Mental Health Assessments

For each client that requests mental health or addiction services, we provide a mental health assessment. This allows us to provide the best mental health or co-occurring services to our clients. Specializing in co-occurring disorders, we understand the connection of mental health to addiction and are able to provide treatment services accordingly.

We understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to have been arrested for driving while under the influence. This then is followed by a court-ordered drug and alcohol assessment. We provide objective and fair assessments to all individuals. Following the assessment we are able to refer to the appropriate level of care, and provide all needed information and instructions.

DUI Assessments

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